Sasha Derivanov


Mood Calendar from January 1 to December 16, 2021
Data was collected through the Daylio app. A scale of 1 to 9 was used, with 9 being excellent. Several ratings were given per day, then the app automatically calculated the average arithmetic mean and assigned it. The calendar uses a color gradation of these grades. Burgundy and red correspond to the lowest grade, and bright yellow and white to the highest.

December 2021

The scheme of the Moscow railway hub and the Moscow Central Diameters.
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May 2019
Last release: June 2021

A piece of a map for the brochure of the Михалковский residential complex in northern Moscow

April 2021

Poster with my mood spectrum for 2020. Each day I collected my psychological state data in an excel spreadsheet, then I assigned a specific color to each score. Yeah science, bitch!

December 2020

Avatar for the elite bead store "Fakin Fenechka"

August 2020

Poster "NO MAN IS AN ISLAND". Shot on iPhone.

November 2020

Landing page of the Moscow engineer and traveler Alex Krivonosov

October 2020

Cover for the podcast "Рефлексия"

August 2020

Portfolio site for fashion and portrait photographer Jane Aver

January 2020